Marcus Miller!!!!!!!!! I sooo love him :D This was at a Bass Player Live Event
It was like 12AM and Clinton had missed our earlier performance. So he invited us BACK on stage to perform again. HOW COOL IS THAT! 
Also we got a chance to meet a few celebrities like Melissa Rodgriguiez from Lost and the one and ONLY CHAKA KHAN!  You can check out the photos in the gallery! 

Heres the link so you can read the article : weeblylink_new_window

This is cool you can check out this website for the OFFICIAL first article! Were were so syked to have our photo in the paper lol hahah :D  We had ACTUALLY made it to the final round of EMERGENZA!!! WOOT WOOT!! 

 Check out the link for the read!


@SNL : Nate Berkus